Dodoni Cyprus

Dodoni is one of the biggest factories in Greece in the Food and Dairy production always in accordance with internationals standards with regulations to quality and expertise. Recently they made a new factory in Cyprus.

Our company sold and applied thousands of square metres

  • Polyourethane Screed UNICRETE for the floor on the production’s areas
  • Epoxy Self-Levelling UNISHIELD for the floor on the refrigerator’s areas
  • Epoxy Paint UNIGUARD for the floor on the halls and other areas

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About Frinics Chemicals

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Frinics Chemicals is a Cyprus based, ISO and CE Marking certified company, specialising in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of concrete and mortar admixtures and other specially designed construction materials for industrial use. The company has highly qualified personnel and machinery for the application of epoxy and polyurethane paints and screeds

Frinics Chemicals was established in 2002. In the last 18 year our company has completed many projects using epoxy and polyurethane paints and screeds for the milk and food industry, big storages, parking areas etc. All of our customers are entirely satisfied since they have achieved their objectives for hygienic production conditions (HACCP)